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Mar 17, 2013 7:00am PDT
with their money, haven't the kochs won election? we are not talking poverty or jobs. we are talking about tax cuts and tax policy and debt. that's where they want to be. >> i don't know if i would give them that much credit for the change in the debate. i would date that back to 1980 when ronald reagan came to the floor. the money is like jet fuel. on the other hand, they are having fist fights outside the cockpit over who should be flying the plane and they don't know where they want to go necessarily. i don't know if we should be prepared to acknowledge that there will be a total takeover. you worked at newspapers and i worked at newspapers. you can work at a newspaper and change the editorial page. it is hard to herd the rest of the cats. the reporters out to serve an audience expecting traffic and weather and news and really what happened at city hall. i would say it is probably too early to panic. rupert murdoch once owned "the village voice." >> right. a lot of people are giving a sideout to "the wall street journal." >> the guy's a wealthy developer in san diego and bought "the tribune." he
Mar 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
own. as house budge chairman, he proposed a budget for fiscal year 2014. in theory, lowering taxes and repealing the affordable health care act. it's the same paul ryan budget that paul ryan has been promoting for years. that frustration may have led him to dismiss patty murray's counter. he said if you read the senate bill you will find that the vatican is not the only place blowing smoke this week. >>> also making headlines with a more cordial attitude, president obama continued his charm offensive in hopes of reaching a deal and ending the sequester that is now in the sec week. we'll have to wait and see if the efforts reveal any sults. it's understandable if you missed this news item. on monday in chicago, as a young father changed the diaper of his 6-month-old baby girl on the seat of a mini van, a gunman opened fire. the young father, jonathan watkins was hit three times as he witnessed a bullet tear through the body of his daughter who later died. watkins was released from the hospital on thursday night, able to go home after being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. able t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2